CareerTrac Pilot Program

May 2021 Council

Lead Division/Office


Point(s) of Contact

Arthur L. Castle, Ph.D.; Christine Densmore, M.S.; Victoria Spruance, Ph.D.

Executive Summary

This proposal seeks support for a pilot program using the established CareerTrac system for tracking outcomes of supported trainees in our institutional training programs. CareerTrac is housed within the Program Analysis Branch of NIEHS and provides data for short- and long-term program evaluation and portfolio analysis. The system incorporates existing data from IMPAC II and xTRACT and provides for structured capture of additional outcomes not captured by these systems. These outcomes include granular subsequent employment data and position descriptions, as well as post-training education. These latter elements are unique to CareerTrac. This initiative would add NIDDK as a CareerTrac partner and we propose to pilot the use of CareerTrac for our institutional T32s, U2Cs and our R25s.