Advanced Mass Spectrometry Core

D. Eric Anderson, Ph.D., Head, Peptide Centric Mass Spectometry 

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The Advanced Mass Spectrometry Core assists the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) investigators with a wide range of mass spectrometry applications, including basic quality control, general problem solving during the development of complex experimental approaches, and discovery work. In each application, mass spectrometers are involved directly in obtaining important project answers.

Mass spectrometry detects molecules without specialized molecule-specific reagents. This makes it an unbeatable tool for rapid and tailored problem solving.

The types of analyses we perform are diverse and can include activities ranging from intact mass measurements of small molecules to proteins over 100kD. Peptide-centric experiments involving protein identification and isotope-aided, relative quantitative comparisons can be used to observe differences in protein abundance or a post-translational state between two or more samples containing hundreds or thousands of proteins. However, “off-menu” solutions to unique problems brought to us by principal investigators are among our most exciting puzzles, and such problems are especially sought. We use minimal cost recovery for the NIDDK to make analysis sustainable. Non-NIDDK federal projects with cost recovery, which is very competitive with outsourcing, are also possible. The first step of consideration for any analysis is to contact staff before samples are created.