Diversity Supplement Program

Diversity in the biomedical research workforce is of upmost importance to effectively address the myriad of health conditions facing the US, especially those that disproportionately effect underserved communities. Fresh eyes, new perspectives, and sheer determination can take research to new heights and help those most in need.  Moreover, supporting talented researchers from all backgrounds is critical to addressing the current and future health challenges we will face as a nation. 

Our Goal

We aspire to expand diversity in the research workforce. One of the ways we are fostering diversity is through the Diversity Supplement Program. The diversity supplement provides bridging support towards independence for promising researchers from backgrounds underrepresented in biomedical research.

Benefits of the Diversity Supplement Program

A diversity supplement:
  • Covers the full cost for the applicant along with supply cost
  • Provides up to two years of salary support for candidates as they gather preliminary data to apply for their own independent research awards
  • Fosters diversity in the NIDDK research workforce

Photo of Armando Pena

Scholar Perspective

"The Diversity Supplement supported my training and research that focuses on understanding redox balance and inflammatory mediators of insulin sensitivity in response to lifestyle intervention among Latino youth with obesity and prediabetes. This work was instrumental to the development of a competitive F31 application."
- Armando Peña, Ph.D. Post-Doctoral Scholar

How to Apply

To apply for a supplement, a candidate must be supported by their institution and provide, as part of the application, the documents set forth by the funding announcement, PA-23-189. NIDDK specific Instructions and information can be found on the Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research page.

Characteristics of a Strong Application

Applications that fare the best have several things in common.

Motivated Candidate

  • Strong personal statement from the candidate speaking to research interest and interest in diversity
  • Thought out Individual development plan
  • Solid training and mentoring plans built on developing long-term research potential

Institutional Commitment 

  • A strong commitment from the institution and PI to support the applicant
  • Advance meeting with the NIDDK Program Officer to discuss research plans
  • Consideration of the next step for the candidate’s development and training plans (i.e. Graduate students who have not submitted a F-31 application prior to the end of their first year of support may have their diversity supplement support withdrawn.)


If you are interested in applying, have a candidate you think would be an asset to the research community, or have questions about the program, contact the program director

Last Reviewed April 2023