NIDDK Director's Update


  1. NIDDK selects new obesity research co-Director, welcomes AAAS policy fellows, celebrates staff awards and more.

  2. Celebrating 50 years of NIDDK-supported diabetes research advances, Getting to Know Dr. Mary Evans, Kidney Atlas, and more.

  3. NIDDK publishes Health Equity Health Disparities research report, Getting to Know Dr. Sinha, Healthy Moments en español, and more.

  4. NIDDK implements NIH Data Management & Sharing Policy, Getting to Know Dr. Chris Ketchum, National Kidney Month observed in March, and more.

  5. NIDDK staff join NIH coalition to cultivate change, Getting to Know Dr. Maren Laughlin, learn about the Central Repository, and more.

  6. NIDDK centers community engagement in new initiatives, highlights Dr. Constance Noguchi, and more.

  7. NIDDK celebrates 20 years of the Network of Minority Research Investigators program, highlights DDN’s Dr. Padma Maruvada, farewell to Dr. Peggy Hsieh, and more.

  8. NIDDK labs go green, new biomarker centers, Getting to Know: Dr. Caroline Philpott, National Kidney Month, and more.

  9. NIDDK says farewell to its seventh director, highlights KUH’s Dr. Afshin Parsa, National Diabetes Month, and more.

  10. NIDDK shares research updates; highlights DEM’s Dr. Ellen Leschek & Fellow Melissa Arroyo-Mendoza; NIDDK’s Civility, Diversity, and Inclusion Steering Committee & more.

  11. NIDDK commemorates the 100-year anniversary of insulin, highlights DIR’s Dr. Gary Felsenfeld, OMHRC’s 40-year history of training, and more.

  12. Read about NIDDK’s commitment to supporting diverse young investigators, DDN’s Dr. Frank Hamilton, National Kidney Month, research updates, and more.

  13. Highlights NIDDK-supported programs promoting diversity, DIR’s Dr. Stephanie Chung, the Diabetes Discoveries & Practice Blog Social Determinants of Health Series, and more.

  14. Read about NIDDK’s 70th anniversary, bringing scientific expertise to fight against COVID-19, extramural research recovery efforts, remembering Dr. Herbert Tabor, and more.

  15. Read about NIDDK’s activities in COVID-19, managing chronic conditions in uncertain times, OD’s Dr. Gregory Germino, and more.

  16. Read about patient and community engagement in NIDDK research, KUH’s Dr. Susan Mendley, National Kidney Month, and more.

  17. Read about an NIDDK lab’s 25-year drug discovery journey, new Division Director, Dr. William Cefalu, National Diabetes Month, and more.

  18. NIDDK’s Dr. Anne Sumner discusses her work in Africa and advocacy for people with disabilities, the NIDDK Diabetes Discoveries and Practice Blog celebrates second anniversary, and more.

  19. Read about NIH’s efforts to eliminate workplace harassment and discrimination, a new NIDDK video to urge participation in clinical trials, and more.

  20. Read about gene editing technologies, NIDDK’s website overhaul, the results of the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, and more.

  21. Read about the third edition of Diabetes in America, the updated Sisters Together community program guide, NIDDK Employee Appreciation Awards, and more.

  22. Read about the potential link between gestational diabetes and CKD, and NIDDK’s efforts to encourage and engage children in science and health.

  23. Highlights a new tool created by NIDDK staff and the Institute’s No. 1 ranking across NIH in employee engagement, global satisfaction, and other measures.

  24. Highlights blood pressure guidelines, revised NIH clinical trial policies, type 1 diabetes research opportunities, disaster preparedness, and more.

  25. Content on advances in sickle cell disease research, congressional testimony on type 1 diabetes research, type 1 diabetes and aging, and Dr. Tracy Rankin.

  26. Learn about a variety of approaches the NIDDK uses to advance research and improve health by encouraging collaborations and facilitating partnerships.

  27. The NIDDK Recent Advances & Emerging Opportunities report is available with highlights of notable NIDDK activities and supported research published in FY 2016.

  28. Learn about the relationship between the Precision Medicine Initiative and research that was funded and conducted by the NIDDK.

  29. The NIDDK offers curated repositories that make products including data, tissues, or other samples from earlier studies available to researchers.

  30. Content includes NIDDK’s research collaborations with other Institutes and a meeting summary that highlights potential type 1 diabetes research efforts.

  31. Access the NIDDK Recent Advances & Emerging Opportunities report that highlights notable NIDDK activities and supported research published in FY 2015.

  32. Volunteers who enroll in clinical studies play a critical role in advancing science. Recently, the NIDDK launched a web page to feature some of their stories.

  33. Read about NIDDK efforts involving collaboration across communities and industries, and Dr. Barbara Linder’s role in childhood diabetes research.

  34. Learn about the efforts of NIDDK staff who work with some of the most vulnerable groups in the United States and abroad, and a new NDEP tip sheet in Spanish.

  35. Access the NIDDK Recent Advances & Emerging Opportunities report that highlights notable NIDDK activities and supported research published in FY 2014.

  36. Discover Healthy Moments, a weekly radio series hosted by the NIDDK director, which offers simple tips on how to improve health and prevent or manage diseases.

  37. Learn how the NIDDK Technology Advancement Office supports the Institute’s efforts to translate discoveries into resources to improve health.

  38. Read about NIDDK’s efforts to support a researcher's development across all career stages and promising ARRA-funded disease treatment research results.

  39. Access the NIDDK Recent Advances & Emerging Opportunities report that highlights notable NIDDK activities and supported research published in FY 2013.

  40. Find content about NIDDK’s improved website, a Nobel Prize for a longtime NIDDK grantee, and the Pancreatitis-Diabetes-Pancreatic Cancer Workshop.

  41. Read about the impact some studies have had in the areas of diabetes and kidney disease, and the identification of genes that cause CKD in children.

  42. Highlights the work of diabetes researcher Dr. George Eisenbarth and an NIDDK/NIBIB collaboration to advance research on diabetes, and other health conditions.

  43. Access the NIDDK Recent Advances & Emerging Opportunities report that highlights notable NIDDK activities and supported research published in FY 2012.

  44. Find out about the GRADE Study, a large trial to understand the effect and safety of four approved, widely used diabetes drugs in combination with metformin.

  45. Content on the newly funded Centers for Diabetes Translation Research, NIDDK’s social media efforts to reach a wider audience, and more.

  46. Highlights the 10th anniversary of the NMRI, a Common Fund program to expand metabolomics research, a rare body fat disorders workshop, and more.

  47. Read about an NIDDK effort that is breaking new ground by funding an initiative to translate CKD research into routine clinical practices to reduce the disease.

  48. Read about the NIDDK’s Alaska Native Undergraduate Summer Internship Program and the NIDDK’s Lifestyle Interventions for Expectant Moms studies.

  49. The NIH offers a variety of career growth and development opportunities, including NIDDK’s Medical Student Research Program in Diabetes.

  50. Read about TEDDY, a multinational NIDDK study that recruited more than 8,000 youth to learn about who is most likely to develop type 1 diabetes and why.

  51. NIDDK launches the Kidney Research National Dialogue to identify the most pressing research questions and issues that currently face the field of nephrology.

  52. Highlights NIDDK's 60th anniversary scientific symposium, the focus of National Diabetes Month, a CKD research translation workshop, and more.

  53. Get results from the NIDDK-led HEALTHY clinical trial, which examined whether a middle school-based intervention could lower risk factors for type 2 diabetes.