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James E. Balow, M.D., Scientist Emeritus

Photo of James E. Balow, M.D.
Special Volunteer: Kidney Diseases Branch
Scientific Focus Areas: Clinical Research, Immunology

Professional Experience

  • Clinical Immunology Fellowship, NIAID, NIH, 1972-1975
  • Internal Medicine and Nephrology Fellowships, Georgetown University, 1969-1972
  • M.D., University of Minnesota, 1968
  • B.S., College of St. Thomas, 1964

Current Research

The focus of our research and consultative clinical studies is the natural history, pathology and treatment of immunologically mediated glomerular diseases.  Examples, include lupus nephritis, membranous nephropathy, and other diseases associated with deposition of a range of pathogenic antibodies, dysregulated complement proteins and products of other inflammatory pathways components in glomeruli.  Approaches to treatment of several of these disorders include development of novel modifications of standard immunosuppressive drugs, monoclonal antibodies and inhibitors of cell signaling.

Select Publications

Glomerular disease: perspectives on maintenance therapy in lupus nephritis.
Balow JE.
Nat Rev Nephrol (2012 Feb 7) 8:136-8. Abstract/Full Text
Membranous nephropathy: Pilot study of a novel regimen combining cyclosporine and Rituximab.
Waldman M, Beck LH Jr, Braun M, Wilkins K, Balow JE, Austin HA 3rd.
Kidney Int Rep (2016 Jul) 1:73-84. Abstract/Full Text
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Research in Plain Language

Our research interest is the development and progression of autoimmune kidney disorders that impair the ability of the kidney to filter waste products from the bloodstream. Autoimmune diseases are difficult to treat without incurring the risk of harmful side effects from the drugs needed to suppress an overactive and autoaggressive immune system.  We have a particular interest in the treatment of glomerular diseases caused by auto-antibodies and inflammatory processes that damage the normal filtering system (glomeruli) of the kidney. 

Last Reviewed October 2023