Robert T. Jensen, M.D.
Scientific Focus Areas: Cancer Biology, Cell Biology, Clinical Research, Molecular Pharmacology


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Select Publications

Successful Lifetime/Long-Term Medical Treatment of Acid Hypersecretion in Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome (ZES): Myth or Fact? Insights from an Analysis of Results of NIH Long-Term Prospective Studies of ZES.
Ito T, Ramos-Alvarez I, Jensen RT.
Cancers (Basel) (2023 Feb 21) 15. Abstract/Full Text
Cofilin activation in pancreatic acinar cells plays a pivotal convergent role for mediating CCK-stimulated enzyme secretion and growth.
Ramos-Alvarez I, Lee L, Jensen RT.
Front Physiol (2023) 14:1147572. Abstract/Full Text
THE CONCISE GUIDE TO PHARMACOLOGY 2021/22: G protein-coupled receptors.
Alexander SP, Christopoulos A, Davenport AP, Kelly E, Mathie A, Peters JA, Veale EL, Armstrong JF, Faccenda E, Harding SD, Pawson AJ, Southan C, Davies JA, Abbracchio MP, Alexander W, Al-Hosaini K, Bäck M, Barnes NM, Bathgate R, Beaulieu JM, Bernstein KE, Bettler B, Birdsall NJM, Blaho V, Boulay F, Bousquet C, Bräuner-Osborne H, Burnstock G, Caló G, Castaño JP, Catt KJ, Ceruti S, Chazot P, Chiang N, Chini B, Chun J, Cianciulli A, Civelli O, Clapp LH, Couture R, Csaba Z, Dahlgren C, Dent G, Singh KD, Douglas SD, Dournaud P, Eguchi S, Escher E, Filardo EJ, Fong T, Fumagalli M, Gainetdinov RR, Gasparo M, Gerard C, Gershengorn M, Gobeil F, Goodfriend TL, Goudet C, Gregory KJ, Gundlach AL, Hamann J, Hanson J, Hauger RL, Hay DL, Heinemann A, Hollenberg MD, Holliday ND, Horiuchi M, Hoyer D, Hunyady L, Husain A, IJzerman AP, Inagami T, Jacobson KA, Jensen RT, Jockers R, Jonnalagadda D, Karnik S, Kaupmann K, Kemp J, Kennedy C, Kihara Y, Kitazawa T, Kozielewicz P, Kreienkamp HJ, Kukkonen JP, Langenhan T, Leach K, Lecca D, Lee JD, Leeman SE, Leprince J, Li XX, Williams TL, Lolait SJ, Lupp A, Macrae R, Maguire J, Mazella J, McArdle CA, Melmed S, Michel MC, Miller LJ, Mitolo V, Mouillac B, Müller CE, Murphy P, Nahon JL, Ngo T, Norel X, Nyimanu D, O'Carroll AM, Offermanns S, Panaro MA, Parmentier M, Pertwee RG, Pin JP, Prossnitz ER, Quinn M, Ramachandran R, Ray M, Reinscheid RK, Rondard P, Rovati GE, Ruzza C, Sanger GJ, Schöneberg T, Schulte G, Schulz S, Segaloff DL, Serhan CN, Stoddart LA, Sugimoto Y, Summers R, Tan VP, Thal D, Thomas WW, Timmermans PBMWM, Tirupula K, Tulipano G, Unal H, Unger T, Valant C, Vanderheyden P, Vaudry D, Vaudry H, Vilardaga JP, Walker CS, Wang JM, Ward DT, Wester HJ, Willars GB, Woodruff TM, Yao C, Ye RD.
Br J Pharmacol (2021 Oct) 178 Suppl 1:S27-S156. Abstract/Full Text
Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide/vasoactive intestinal peptide (Part 2): biology and clinical importance in central nervous system and inflammatory disorders.
Moody TW, Jensen RT.
Curr Opin Endocrinol Diabetes Obes (2021 Apr 1) 28:206-213. Abstract/Full Text
Bombesin Receptor Family Activation and CNS/Neural Tumors: Review of Evidence Supporting Possible Role for Novel Targeted Therapy.
Moody TW, Lee L, Ramos-Alvarez I, Iordanskaia T, Mantey SA, Jensen RT.
Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) (2021) 12:728088. Abstract/Full Text

Additional Publications

PAC1 regulates receptor tyrosine kinase transactivation in a reactive oxygen species-dependent manner.
Moody TW, Lee L, Iordanskaia T, Ramos-Alvarez I, Moreno P, Boudreau HE, Leto TL, Jensen RT.
Peptides (2019 Oct) 120:170017. Abstract/Full Text
Unmet Medical Needs in Metastatic Lung and Digestive Neuroendocrine Neoplasms.
Capdevila J, Bodei L, Davies P, Gorbounova V, Jensen RT, Knigge UP, Krejs GJ, Krenning E, O'Connor JM, Peeters M, Rindi G, Salazar R, Vullierme MP, Pavel ME, ENETS 2016 Munich Advisory Board Participants, ENETS 2016 Munich Advisory Board Participants.
Neuroendocrinology (2019) 108:18-25. Abstract/Full Text
Unmet Needs in Functional and Nonfunctional Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Neoplasms.
Jensen RT, Bodei L, Capdevila J, Couvelard A, Falconi M, Glasberg S, Kloppel G, Lamberts S, Peeters M, Rindi G, Rinke A, Rothmund M, Sundin A, Welin S, Fazio N, The ENETS 2016 Munich Advisory Board Participants, ENETS 2016 Munich Advisory Board Participants.
Neuroendocrinology (2019) 108:26-36. Abstract/Full Text
Management of Liver Neuroendocrine Tumors in 2018.
Foster DS, Jensen R, Norton JA.
JAMA Oncol (2018 Nov 1) 4:1605-1606. Abstract/Full Text
Activation of bombesin receptor Subtype-3 by [D-Tyr(6),β-Ala(11),Phe(13),Nle(14)]bombesin(6-14) increased glucose uptake and lipogenesis in human and rat adipocytes.
Moreno-Villegas Z, Martín-Duce A, Aparicio C, Portal-Núñez S, Sanz R, Mantey SA, Jensen RT, Lorenzo O, Egido J, González N.
Mol Cell Endocrinol (2018 Oct 15) 474:10-19. Abstract/Full Text
Imaging of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors: recent advances, current status, and controversies.
Lee L, Ito T, Jensen RT.
Expert Rev Anticancer Ther (2018 Sep) 18:837-860. Abstract/Full Text
Everolimus in the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors: efficacy, side-effects, resistance, and factors affecting its place in the treatment sequence.
Lee L, Ito T, Jensen RT.
Expert Opin Pharmacother (2018 Jun) 19:909-928. Abstract/Full Text
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of hybrid nitroxide-based non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Thomas K, Moody TW, Jensen RT, Tong J, Rayner CL, Barnett NL, Fairfull-Smith KE, Ridnour LA, Wink DA, Bottle SE.
Eur J Med Chem (2018 Mar 10) 147:34-47. Abstract/Full Text
Incidence and Prognosis of Primary Gastrinomas in the Hepatobiliary Tract.
Norton JA, Foster DS, Blumgart LH, Poultsides GA, Visser BC, Fraker DL, Alexander HR, Jensen RT.
JAMA Surg (2018 Mar 1) 153:e175083. Abstract/Full Text
Carcinoid-syndrome: recent advances, current status and controversies.
Ito T, Lee L, Jensen RT.
Curr Opin Endocrinol Diabetes Obes (2018 Feb) 25:22-35. Abstract/Full Text
Dose and schedule modification are required for long-term continuation of sunitinib in Japanese patients with advanced pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors.
Lee L, Ito T, Igarashi H, Miki M, Fujimori N, Kawabe K, Jensen RT, Ogawa Y.
Cancer Chemother Pharmacol (2018 Jan) 81:163-169. Abstract/Full Text
AM-37 and ST-36 Are Small Molecule Bombesin Receptor Antagonists.
Moody TW, Tashakkori N, Mantey SA, Moreno P, Ramos-Alvarez I, Leopoldo M, Jensen RT.
Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) (2017) 8:176. Abstract/Full Text
Utility of chromogranin B compared with chromogranin A as a biomarker in Japanese patients with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors.
Miki M, Ito T, Hijioka M, Lee L, Yasunaga K, Ueda K, Fujiyama T, Tachibana Y, Kawabe K, Jensen RT, Ogawa Y.
Jpn J Clin Oncol (2017 Jun 1) 47:520-528. Abstract/Full Text
Treatment of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors in Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1: Some Clarity But Continued Controversy.
Jensen RT, Norton JA.
Pancreas (2017 May/Jun) 46:589-594. Abstract/Full Text
Endothelin causes transactivation of the EGFR and HER2 in non-small cell lung cancer cells.
Moody TW, Ramos-Alvarez I, Moreno P, Mantey SA, Ridnour L, Wink D, Jensen RT.
Peptides (2017 Apr) 90:90-99. Abstract/Full Text
Diagnostic Performance of 48-Hour Fasting Test and Insulin Surrogates in Patients With Suspected Insulinoma.
Ueda K, Kawabe K, Lee L, Tachibana Y, Fujimori N, Igarashi H, Oda Y, Jensen RT, Takayanagi R, Ito T.
Pancreas (2017 Apr) 46:476-481. Abstract/Full Text
Antifibrotic Effect of Saturated Fatty Acids via Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Response in Rat Pancreatic Stellate Cells.
Lee L, Ito T, Nakamura T, Jensen RT, Igarashi H, Takayanagi R.
Pancreas (2017 Mar) 46:385-394. Abstract/Full Text
Molecular imaging in neuroendocrine tumors: recent advances, controversies, unresolved issues, and roles in management.
Ito T, Jensen RT.
Curr Opin Endocrinol Diabetes Obes (2017 Feb) 24:15-24. Abstract/Full Text
Advances in the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms in Japan.
Ito T, Hijioka S, Masui T, Kasajima A, Nakamoto Y, Kobayashi N, Komoto I, Hijioka M, Lee L, Igarashi H, Jensen RT, Imamura M.
J Gastroenterol (2017 Jan) 52:9-18. Abstract/Full Text
ENETS Consensus Guidelines for Standard of Care in Neuroendocrine Tumours: Biochemical Markers.
Oberg K, Couvelard A, Delle Fave G, Gross D, Grossman A, Jensen RT, Pape UF, Perren A, Rindi G, Ruszniewski P, Scoazec JY, Welin S, Wiedenmann B, Ferone D, Antibes Consensus Conference participants.
Neuroendocrinology (2017) 105:201-211. Abstract/Full Text
Diagnosis of Zollinger-Ellison syndrome in the era of PPIs, faulty gastrin assays, sensitive imaging and limited access to acid secretory testing.
Metz DC, Cadiot G, Poitras P, Ito T, Jensen RT.
Int J Endocr Oncol (2017) 4:167-185. Abstract/Full Text
Treatment of symptomatic neuroendocrine tumor syndromes: recent advances and controversies.
Ito T, Lee L, Jensen RT.
Expert Opin Pharmacother (2016 Nov) 17:2191-2205. Abstract/Full Text
Bombesin related peptides/receptors and their promising therapeutic roles in cancer imaging, targeting and treatment.
Moreno P, Ramos-Álvarez I, Moody TW, Jensen RT.
Expert Opin Ther Targets (2016 Sep) 20:1055-73. Abstract/Full Text
A Delphic consensus assessment: imaging and biomarkers in gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumor disease management.
Oberg K, Krenning E, Sundin A, Bodei L, Kidd M, Tesselaar M, Ambrosini V, Baum RP, Kulke M, Pavel M, Cwikla J, Drozdov I, Falconi M, Fazio N, Frilling A, Jensen R, Koopmans K, Korse T, Kwekkeboom D, Maecke H, Paganelli G, Salazar R, Severi S, Strosberg J, Prasad V, Scarpa A, Grossman A, Walenkamp A, Cives M, Virgolini I, Kjaer A, Modlin IM.
Endocr Connect (2016 Sep) 5:174-87. Abstract/Full Text
The p21-activated kinase, PAK2, is important in the activation of numerous pancreatic acinar cell signaling cascades and in the onset of early pancreatitis events.
Nuche-Berenguer B, Ramos-Álvarez I, Jensen RT.
Biochim Biophys Acta (2016 Jun) 1862:1122-36. Abstract/Full Text
Src kinases play a novel dual role in acute pancreatitis affecting severity but no role in stimulated enzyme secretion.
Nuche-Berenguer B, Ramos-Álvarez I, Jensen RT.
Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol (2016 Jun 1) 310:G1015-27. Abstract/Full Text
Limited Parathyroidectomy in Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1-Associated Primary Hyperparathyroidism: A Setup for Failure.
Nilubol N, Weinstein LS, Simonds WF, Jensen RT, Marx SJ, Kebebew E.
Ann Surg Oncol (2016 Feb) 23:416-23. Abstract/Full Text
Vasoactive intestinal peptide/pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide, and their receptors and cancer.
Moody TW, Nuche-Berenguer B, Jensen RT.
Curr Opin Endocrinol Diabetes Obes (2016 Feb) 23:38-47. Abstract/Full Text
Novel chiral-diazepines function as specific, selective receptor agonists with variable coupling and species variability in human, mouse and rat BRS-3 receptor cells.
Ramos-Álvarez I, Nakamura T, Mantey SA, Moreno P, Nuche-Berenguer B, Jensen RT.
Peptides (2016 Jan) 75:8-17. Abstract/Full Text
ENETS Consensus Guidelines Update for the Management of Patients with Functional Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors and Non-Functional Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors.
Falconi M, Eriksson B, Kaltsas G, Bartsch DK, Capdevila J, Caplin M, Kos-Kudla B, Kwekkeboom D, Rindi G, Klöppel G, Reed N, Kianmanesh R, Jensen RT, Vienna Consensus Conference participants.
Neuroendocrinology (2016) 103:153-71. Abstract/Full Text
Imaging in multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1: recent studies show enhanced sensitivities but increased controversies.
Ito T, Jensen RT.
Int J Endocr Oncol (2016) 3:53-66. Abstract/Full Text
Long-term outcomes and prognostic factors in 78 Japanese patients with advanced pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms: a single-center retrospective study.
Lee L, Igarashi H, Fujimori N, Hijioka M, Kawabe K, Oda Y, Jensen RT, Ito T.
Jpn J Clin Oncol (2015 Dec) 45:1131-8. Abstract/Full Text
Neuropeptides as lung cancer growth factors.
Moody TW, Moreno P, Jensen RT.
Peptides (2015 Oct) 72:106-11. Abstract/Full Text
Insights into bombesin receptors and ligands: Highlighting recent advances.
Ramos-Álvarez I, Moreno P, Mantey SA, Nakamura T, Nuche-Berenguer B, Moody TW, Coy DH, Jensen RT.
Peptides (2015 Oct) 72:128-44. Abstract/Full Text
Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia: Genetics and Clinical Management.
Norton JA, Krampitz G, Jensen RT.
Surg Oncol Clin N Am (2015 Oct) 24:795-832. Abstract/Full Text
CI-988 Inhibits EGFR Transactivation and Proliferation Caused by Addition of CCK/Gastrin to Lung Cancer Cells.
Moody TW, Nuche-Berenguer B, Moreno P, Jensen RT.
J Mol Neurosci (2015 Jul) 56:663-72. Abstract/Full Text
Better Survival But Changing Causes of Death in Patients With Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1.
Norton JA, Krampitz G, Zemek A, Longacre T, Jensen RT.
Ann Surg (2015 Jun) 261:e147-8. Abstract/Full Text
A structure-function study of PACAP using conformationally restricted analogs: Identification of PAC1 receptor-selective PACAP agonists.
Ramos-Álvarez I, Mantey SA, Nakamura T, Nuche-Berenguer B, Moreno P, Moody TW, Maderdrut JL, Coy DH, Jensen RT.
Peptides (2015 Apr) 66:26-42. Abstract/Full Text
Elucidation of the roles of the Src kinases in pancreatic acinar cell signaling.
Nuche-Berenguer B, Moreno P, Jensen RT.
J Cell Biochem (2015 Jan) 116:22-36. Abstract/Full Text
Bombesin receptor subtype 3 as a potential target for obesity and diabetes.
González N, Moreno P, Jensen RT.
Expert Opin Ther Targets (2015) 19:1153-70. Abstract/Full Text
Serum chromogranin A is a useful marker for Japanese patients with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors.
Hijioka M, Ito T, Igarashi H, Fujimori N, Lee L, Nakamura T, Jensen RT, Takayanagi R.
Cancer Sci (2014 Nov) 105:1464-71. Abstract/Full Text
Pancreatic stellate cells and CX3CR1: occurrence in normal pancreas and acute and chronic pancreatitis and effect of their activation by a CX3CR1 agonist.
Uchida M, Ito T, Nakamura T, Hijioka M, Igarashi H, Oono T, Kato M, Nakamura K, Suzuki K, Takayanagi R, Jensen RT.
Pancreas (2014 Jul) 43:708-19. Abstract/Full Text
TbKAP6, a mitochondrial HMG box-containing protein in Trypanosoma brucei, is the first trypanosomatid kinetoplast-associated protein essential for kinetoplast DNA replication and maintenance.
Wang J, Pappas-Brown V, Englund PT, Jensen RE.
Eukaryot Cell (2014 Jul) 13:919-32. Abstract/Full Text
SR48692 inhibits non-small cell lung cancer proliferation in an EGF receptor-dependent manner.
Moody TW, Chan DC, Mantey SA, Moreno P, Jensen RT.
Life Sci (2014 Mar 28) 100:25-34. Abstract/Full Text
FEV(1)/FEV(6) to diagnose airflow obstruction. Comparisons with computed tomography and morbidity indices.
Bhatt SP, Kim YI, Wells JM, Bailey WC, Ramsdell JW, Foreman MG, Jensen RL, Stinson DS, Wilson CG, Lynch DA, Make BJ, Dransfield MT.
Ann Am Thorac Soc (2014 Mar) 11:335-41. Abstract/Full Text
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