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Computer Technology Branch

Select staff are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Read a description of the Computer Technology Branch.

Name Email Address Phone Number Title Research Description
Khator, Vikas 301-402-6312 IT Director and CIO
Truong, Phi 301-827-0717 Deputy CIO
Barnes, Terry 301-480-7097 IT Specialist Conference Room/VOIP Support
Bighorn, Ernest 602-200-5305 IT Specialist Phoenix Support Section
Bradham, Steven 301-827-1728 IT Specialist Infrastructure Operations
Bui, Anh Khoa 301-827-1690 IT Specialist Network Operations
Carter, Maurio 301-827-1680 IT Specialist Network Operations
Dirodis, Thomas 602-200-5235 Lead IT Specialist Phoenix Support Section
Hanonu, Aziz 301-594-9634 IT Specialist IT Security
Herbert, Robert 301-451-3642 IT Specialist Linux Support - Intramural
Herder, Warren 301-827-1752 IT Specialist Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)
Johnson, Michael 602-200-5235 IT Specialist Phoenix Support Section
Matthews, Lee 301-594-7716 IT Specialist Infrastructure
Niakani, Massoud 301-827-1818 IT Specialist Application Development
O'Donnell, Caitlin 301-451-4042 IT Project Manager Project Management/Data Visualization and Automation
Pattabiraman, Uma Shankar 301-827-1727 Lead IT Specialist Server and Storage
Pham, Charles 301-827-1693 Senior Networking Administrator Network Operations
Podkovyrova, Roza 301-827-1903 IT Specialist Application Development
Robinson, James 301-594-5086 IT Specialist Helpdesk Operations
Thomas, Angela 301-480-6796 IT Application Lead Application Development
Tran, Minh 301-402-2085 IT Specialist Helpdesk Operations
Welch, William 301-480-8304 IT Specialist Lead Customer Support
Wilkins, Burnel 301-827-1920 IT Specialist Helpdesk/Conference Rooms
Young, Christian 602-200-5234 IT Specialist Phoenix Support Section