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Diabetes in America, 3rd Edition

Aug. 2018
Diabetes in America third edition cover

Diabetes in America, 3rd Edition, is a compilation and assessment of epidemiologic, public health, clinical, and clinical trial data on diabetes and its complications in the United States. It was published by NIDDK during 2016–2018. The intended audience is the wide range of individuals in the research community, clinicians, health policy makers, and individuals with diabetes, as well as their caregivers and family members. The compendium is also available on the National Library of Medicine's Bookshelf which expands access to the scientific community through its link to PubMed.

Diabetes in America, 3rd Edition, contains 42 chapters organized into three areas:

  • Section I: Spectrum of Diabetes: Descriptive epidemiology of diabetes in the United States based on national surveys and community-based studies, including prevalence and incidence; sociodemographic, metabolic, and lifestyle characteristics; genetics and risk factors for developing diabetes; and unique aspects of diabetes in younger and older populations, and in pregnant women (chapters 1–16)
  • Section II: Complications of Diabetes and Related Conditions: The myriad complications that affect patients with diabetes, including mortality (chapters 17–36)
  • Section III: Prevention and Medical Care for Diabetes: Clinical trials and studies to prevent diabetes; medication use and self-care practices, health care utilization, and quality of care; and economic aspects including health insurance and health care costs (chapters 37–42)

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Diabetes in America, 3rd Edition

Editors: Catherine C. Cowie, Sarah Stark Casagrande, Andy Menke, Michelle A. Cissell, Mark S. Eberhardt, James B. Meigs, Edward W. Gregg, William C. Knowler, Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, Dorothy J. Becker, Frederick L. Brancati, Edward J. Boyko, William H. Herman, Barbara V. Howard, K. M. Venkat Narayan, Marian Rewers, and Judith E. Fradkin.
PMID: 33651524

Section I: Spectrum of Diabetes

Section II: Complications of Diabetes and Related Conditions

Section III: Prevention and Medical Care for Diabetes



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Diabetes in America is in the public domain of the United States. You may use the work without restriction in the United States.


A number of the authors of chapters in Diabetes in America are employees of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), or the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). The findings and conclusions in this compendium are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of NIH, CDC, or VHA.