National Kidney Month 2024

Get to Know Your Kidney
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March is National Kidney Month! Did you know your kidneys filter all of your blood up to 25 times a day? This kidney month, join us in getting to know your kidneys. Learn how you can protect these two fist-sized, bean-shaped organs that work around the clock for you.

Get to know your kidneys

No matter your age, or whether you have kidney disease, learning about your kidneys can prevent or slow the progression of kidney disease.

Learn about kidney health

Your kidneys make urine and remove waste and extra fluid from your body. If your kidneys are struggling, they will work harder to keep up. You can lose up to 60% of your kidney function before you notice any problems. That’s why it’s important to take steps to keep your kidneys healthy today.

Understand your risk for kidney disease

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or a family history of kidney disease, or if you are over age 65, talk with a health care professional about your risk for kidney disease. Checking on your kidneys is the best way to know if they are healthy. Your health care professional can help you get tested for kidney disease and talk with you about your test results.

Embrace a kidney-healthy lifestyle

Take steps to build healthy habits. This can include eating healthy foods you enjoy, being active for 30 minutes each day, and aiming for seven to eight hours of sleep at night. Also quit smoking and limit your alcohol intake.

Learn more about your kidneys


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