Treatment for Microscopic Colitis

How do doctors treat microscopic colitis?

To treat microscopic colitis, your doctor may recommend

  • quitting smoking, if you smoke
  • changing any medicines you take that could be causing microscopic colitis or making your symptoms worse
  • taking medicines to treat microscopic colitis
  • changing what you eat and drink to help improve symptoms

Medicines most often treat microscopic colitis effectively. In rare cases, doctors may recommend surgery.


Doctors prescribe medicines to improve symptoms and achieve remission—a time when you have fewer symptoms or symptoms disappear. Medicines that doctors recommend to treat microscopic colitis include

Doctor talking with a patient about a medicine.Doctors prescribe medicines to improve microscopic colitis symptoms.


Doctors rarely recommend surgery to treat microscopic colitis. Surgery may be an option if microscopic colitis causes severe symptoms that don’t improve after treatment with medicines.

Last Reviewed April 2021
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