Gene Expression & Regulation Section

of the Laboratory of Biochemistry & Genetics

Biochemists and microbiologists investigating molecular mechanisms of gene expression employed by bacterial pathogens and phage

Select Publications

The Vibrio cholerae master regulator for the activation of biofilm biogenesis genes, VpsR, senses both cyclic di-GMP and phosphate.
Hsieh ML, Kiel N, Jenkins LMM, Ng WL, Knipling L, Waters CM, Hinton DM.
Nucleic Acids Res (2022 May 6) 50:4484-4499. Abstract/Full Text
A phage-encoded nucleoid associated protein compacts both host and phage DNA and derepresses H-NS silencing.
Son B, Patterson-West J, Arroyo-Mendoza M, Ramachandran R, Iben JR, Zhu J, Rao V, Dimitriadis EK, Hinton DM.
Nucleic Acids Res (2021 Sep 20) 49:9229-9245. Abstract/Full Text
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