Genetics of Organelle Biogenesis Section

of the Laboratory of Biochemistry & Genetics

Studying the assembly of centrosomes and centrioles.

Select Publications

The chromatin remodeling protein CHD-1 and the EFL-1/DPL-1 transcription factor cooperatively down regulate CDK-2 to control SAS-6 levels and centriole number.
Iyer J, Gentry LK, Bergwell M, Smith A, Guagliardo S, Kropp PA, Sankaralingam P, Liu Y, Spooner E, Bowerman B, O'Connell KF.
PLoS Genet (2022 Apr) 18:e1009799. Abstract/Full Text
Centrosomes: An acentriolar MTOC at the ciliary base.
O'Connell KF.
Curr Biol (2021 Jun 7) 31:R730-R733. Abstract/Full Text
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Last Reviewed January 2024