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Interdisciplinary studies in bioorganic chemistry, natural products discovery and structural biology with relevance to infectious diseases

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Structural Basis for a Dual Function ATP Grasp Ligase That Installs Single and Bicyclic ω-Ester Macrocycles in a New Multicore RiPP Natural Product.
Zhao G, Kosek D, Liu HB, Ohlemacher SI, Blackburne B, Nikolskaya A, Makarova KS, Sun J, Barry Iii CE, Koonin EV, Dyda F, Bewley CA.
J Am Chem Soc (2021 Jun 2) 143:8056-8068. Abstract/Full Text
Vertirhodins A-F, C-Linked Pyrrolidine-Iminosugar-Containing Pyranonaphthoquinones from Streptomyces sp. B15-008.
Sun J, Zhao G, O'Connor RD, Davison JR, Bewley CA.
Org Lett (2021 Feb 5) 23:682-686. Abstract/Full Text
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