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Interdisciplinary studies in bioorganic chemistry, natural products discovery and structural biology with relevance to infectious diseases

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The genome of antibiotic-producing colonies of the Pelagophyte alga Chrysophaeum taylorii reveals a diverse and non-canonical capacity for secondary metabolism.
Davison JR, Rajwani R, Zhao G, Bewley CA.
Sci Rep (2023 Jul 24) 13:11944. Abstract/Full Text
An Artificial Intelligence Approach for Tackling Conformational Energy Uncertainties in Chiroptical Spectroscopies.
Marton G, Koenis MAJ, Liu HB, Bewley CA, Buma WJ, Nicu VP.
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl (2023 Sep 18) 62:e202307053. Abstract/Full Text
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Last Reviewed February 2024