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Photo of Juhyun Kim
Juhyun Kim
Research Fellow
Juhyun received his PhD in 2015 from Molecular Biology, Dankook University in Korea. He is studying the mechanism of BCL11a that regulates fetal globin expression.
Photo of Bingning Xie
Bingning Xie
Visiting Fellow
Bingning received her PhD in 2016 from University of Rennes 1 in France. She is studying enhancer RNAs in erythropoiesis to understand how they contribute to long range enhancer-promoter looping.
Photo of HeungSun Kwon
HeungSun Kwon
HeungSun received his PhD in Cell Biology and Biochemistry from Seoul National University. For 15 years, he studied axon regeneration underlying CNS disease in an animal model. His research focuses on the function of Ldb1 complex partners in chromatin looping as well as functional impact on gene expression during erythroid specific differentiation of ES cells.
Nicole Nguyen.
Nicole Nguyen
Post-baccalaureate IRTA Fellow

Nicole graduated from Boston University in 2022. She is working on the discovery of potential novel partners for LDB1 in mediating enhancer looping to activate gene expression. Nicole is in the process of applying to medical schools.

Shinelle Black.
Shinelle Black
Post-baccalaureate IRTA Fellow

Shinelle graduated from the University of Chicago in 2022. She is working on uncovering the LDB1 enhancer landscape in embryonic stem cells as they differentiate to embryoid bodies and then to erythrocytes. Shinelle is in the process of applying to medical schools.

Last Reviewed April 2023