Adipocyte Biology & Gene Regulation Section

of the Laboratory of Endocrinology & Receptor Biology

Studying epigenomic regulation of cell differentiation, with a focus on enhancer regulation by histone modifying or chromatin remodeling enzymes

Select Publications

MLL3/MLL4 methyltransferase activities control early embryonic development and embryonic stem cell differentiation in a lineage-selective manner.
Xie G, Lee JE, Senft AD, Park YK, Jang Y, Chakraborty S, Thompson JJ, McKernan K, Liu C, Macfarlan TS, Rocha PP, Peng W, Ge K.
Nat Genet (2023 Apr) 55:693-705. Abstract/Full Text
MLL3 loss drives metastasis by promoting a hybrid epithelial-mesenchymal transition state.
Cui J, Zhang C, Lee JE, Bartholdy BA, Yang D, Liu Y, Erler P, Galbo PM Jr, Hodge DQ, Huangfu D, Zheng D, Ge K, Guo W.
Nat Cell Biol (2023 Jan) 25:145-158. Abstract/Full Text
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Lab Members

Back left to right: Guojia Xie, Young-Kwon Park, Christabelle Agyapong, Hieu Van. Front left to right: Kai Ge, Cuncun Ke, Danyang Wan, Ji-Eun Lee.

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Last Reviewed May 2023