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Solene Herve.
Solène Hervé
Postdoctoral Fellow

Working on nuclear morphology and chromatin mechanics in colonic homeostasis and colorectal cancer progression

Rebecca Stephens.
Rebecca Stephens
Postdoctoral Fellow

Working on lamina associated domains, mechanics, and cell fate specification

Chas Backman.
Charles (Chas) Backman
Postbaccalaureate Fellow

Chemical engineer working on understanding chromatin and nuclear architecture under mechanical force

Andrew Cook.
Andrew Cook
Postbaccalaureate Fellow

Working on transcriptional reprogramming of human induced pluripotent stem cells under mechanical force

Mona El Gendi.
Mona El Gendi
Postbaccalaureate Fellow

Working on lamina and chromatin biophysics in colorectal cancer

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Section on Nuclear Mechanotransduction and Cell Fate Dynamics Group PhotoSection on Nuclear Mechanotransduction and Cell Fate Dynamics
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