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Ancillary Studies to Major Ongoing Clinical Studies

NIDDK invites investigator-initiated (R01) research project applications for ancillary studies to ongoing large-scale clinical trials and epidemiological studies (parent studies) and disease databases supported by the Institute, other Institutes and Centers of the National Institutes of Health, other government agencies, or the private sector. Applications for ancillary studies may be submitted to PA-20-185  or other appropriate notices of funding opportunities (NOFOs).

Ancillary study proposals

  • must extend knowledge of diseases being studied by parent study investigators under a defined protocol or study diseases and conditions outside of the original scope of the parent study but within the research areas and mission of NIDDK
  • must abide by the procedures for conducting ancillary studies established by the parent study
  • may require additional data or sample collection
  • may not interfere with the primary objectives of the parent study

Parent Study Examples

Select NIDDK-sponsored parent studies that are eligible for ancillary study proposals are listed below. View each website for study-specific ancillary study procedures.

Diabetes Studies

Digestive Disease and Nutrition Studies

Kidney, Urology and Hematology Studies

Obesity Studies

Last Reviewed October 2023