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Funding Eligibility by Career Level

NIDDK supports the training of medical and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and physician scientists through institutional and individual grants. Find training grants or fellowships you may be eligible for based on your career level.

Select the arrow segment below that corresponds with your career level. Please note NIDDK does not post pay lines for fellowship, training, or career awards.

  1. High School & Undergraduate Student
  2. Doctoral & Medical Student
  3. Post
  4. Junior
  5. Established Investigator

High School & Undergraduate Students

NIDDK and NIH offers a variety of programs for high school and undergraduate students to gain experience in biomedical research.

Doctoral & Medical Student

Graduate students may be eligible for support from an NIDDK-funded training grant or from an individual fellowship (F31 or diversity F31). Medical students enrolled in an M.D., Ph.D. program are eligible for individual fellowship (F30) support. NIDDK also supports medical students for both short-term (2-3 months) and for year-long research experiences.

Post Doctorate

Postdoctoral fellows and physician scientists in research fellowship training may be supported by training grants (T32s) and/or fellowships (F32s) for up to three years. This NRSA funding cannot be used for specialized clinical training. If your doctoral degree was earned more than 3-4 years ago, consider the K-series awards for Junior Faculty/Transition.

Junior Faculty

Career Development Awards (K-series) are available for individuals just beginning their faculty appointments who have protected time for research. NIDDK supports K awards for both Ph.D. researchers and physician scientists. The NIDDK provides additional research funding for investigators who recently achieved independence by receiving their first R01.

Established Investigator

The NIDDK provides funding for independent investigators who have an established track record of research. NIDDK supports the mentoring activities of mid-career patient-oriented investigators who are both nationally recognized experts in an NIDDK-relevant field and strong mentors.

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Last Reviewed November 2023