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Deepak Nihalani, Ph.D.

Deepak Nihalani.
O’Brien Kidney Centers; Kidney HIV/AIDS; Clinical Translational Studies; Urology HIV/AIDS

Responsibilities & Activities

As a Program Director within the KUH Division, I oversee the George M. O’Brien Kidney Centers that conduct interdisciplinary investigations addressing basic, clinical, and applied research in renal and genitourinary physiology and pathophysiology. Additionally, I am involved in the George M. O’Brien Urology Centers, the Kidney Precision Medicine Project (KPMP), and the ReBuilding a Kidney (RBK) consortium.

My interests include disease mechanisms that involve glomerular damage leading to end stage renal disease, and clinical translational studies focused on developing diagnostic procedures and identifying therapeutic pharmacological drug candidates directed towards the treatment of various renal diseases.

Research Programs

Diabetes & Metabolism HIV/AIDS
Studies on the metabolic complications of HIV infection and treatment, including endocrine and body composition abnormalities.

Kidney Disease Centers
Enhancing the effectiveness of research related to nephrology by encouraging collaboration among investigators from relevant disciplines.

Research on HIV-associated nephropathy (HIVAN).

Polycystic Kidney Disease
Research on renal injury from cyst growth that occurs in PKD.

Urologic Disease Centers
Enhance the effectiveness of research related to urologic diseases and conditions by encouraging collaboration among investigators.

Urology HIV/AIDS
Research on HIV-associated urologic diseases.

Last Reviewed March 2024