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Understanding how mutations in PKD genes cause polycystic kidney disease

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The pathobiology of polycystic kidney disease from a metabolic viewpoint.
Menezes LF, Germino GG.
Nat Rev Nephrol (2019 Dec) 15:735-749. Abstract/Full Text
A cleavage product of Polycystin-1 is a mitochondrial matrix protein that affects mitochondria morphology and function when heterologously expressed.
Lin CC, Kurashige M, Liu Y, Terabayashi T, Ishimoto Y, Wang T, Choudhary V, Hobbs R, Liu LK, Lee PH, Outeda P, Zhou F, Restifo NP, Watnick T, Kawano H, Horie S, Prinz W, Xu H, Menezes LF, Germino GG.
Sci Rep (2018 Feb 9) 8:2743. Abstract/Full Text
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