Section on mRNA Regulation & Translation

of the Laboratory of Biochemistry & Genetics

A group of scientists interested in the mechanism of the ribosome and how changes in translation alter gene expression in diseases.

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40S ribosome profiling reveals distinct roles for Tma20/Tma22 (MCT-1/DENR) and Tma64 (eIF2D) in 40S subunit recycling.
Young DJ, Meydan S, Guydosh NR.
Nat Commun (2021 May 20) 12:2976. Abstract/Full Text
Activation of the antiviral factor RNase L triggers translation of non-coding mRNA sequences.
Karasik A, Jones GD, DePass AV, Guydosh NR.
Nucleic Acids Res (2021 Jun 21) 49:6007-6026. Abstract/Full Text
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