Section on mRNA Regulation & Translation

of the Laboratory of Biochemistry & Genetics

A group of scientists interested in the mechanism of the ribosome and how changes in translation alter gene expression in diseases.

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40S ribosome profiling reveals distinct roles for Tma20/Tma22 (MCT-1/DENR) and Tma64 (eIF2D) in 40S subunit recycling.
Young DJ, Meydan S, Guydosh NR.
Nat Commun (2021 May 20) 12:2976. Abstract/Full Text
The ubiquitin conjugase Rad6 mediates ribosome pausing during oxidative stress.
Meydan S, Barros GC, Simões V, Harley L, Cizubu BK, Guydosh NR, Silva GM.
Cell Rep (2023 Nov 28) 42:113359. Abstract/Full Text
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Last Reviewed January 2024