Translational Research: Pre-Clinical Development

The pre-clinical development of a potential therapeutic agent involves the manufacturing and formal testing of ADMET properties in preparation for submission to a regulatory agency for human trials. Rigorous efficacy studies of a pre-clinical lead candidate may also be conducted. These processes require regulatory expertise in their design, good manufacturing practices (GMP) manufacturing, and good laboratory practice (GLP) toxicology studies as well as consideration of future clinical trial design.

NIH Funding Opportunities

  • PAR-22-111, Early-Stage Preclinical Validation of Therapeutic Leads for Diseases of Interest to the NIDDK (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) has expired. The NIDDK is still interested in supporting this type of translational science and another potential option is to apply to the Parent R01 NOFO (PA-20-185) and consider requesting review assignment to any of CSR’s Drug Synthesis, Discovery, Disposition, and Xenobiotics study sections, or another relevant review panel. Applicants should consult the NIH/CSR study section descriptions before requesting a specific review panel. 
  • RFA-NS-24-019, HEAL Initiative: Non-addictive Analgesic Therapeutics Development [Small Molecules and Biologics] to Treat Pain (UG3/UH3 Clinical Trial Optional)

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Last Reviewed October 2023