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Cores & Support Services

NIDDK internal lab and branch staff have access to the cores and support services below. Cores and support services offer cutting-edge technology and consultative services that aim to improve research quality and cost efficiency.

Current NIH staff can view additional services through the NIH Collaborative Research Exchange (CREx) (login required).


Advanced Light Microscopy & Image Analysis Core
Provides NIDDK researchers and their collaborators with tools and training in the latest technologies and techniques associated with light microscopy (LM), particularly 3D fluorescence microscopy.

Clinical Laboratory Core
Collaborates with investigators from across the Clinical Research Program to provide sensitive, inexpensive, and reproducible analyses.

Clinical Mass Spectrometry Core
Collaborates with investigators from NIDDK and other institutes within NIH on quantitative mass spectrometry analyses.

Computational Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance Core
Provides software and protocols for structure determination of biomolecules from experimental data.

Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM) Core, NIDDK
Provides the NIDDK scientific community with equipment and training in preparing and imaging negative stain and Cryo-EM grids.

Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM) Core, Multi-Institute (MICEF)
Provides the NHLBI, NIDDK, NIAMS, and NINDS scientific communities support in planning EM experiments, sample preparation and imaging, using equipment, and analyzing data.

Genomics Core
Provides next-generation sequencing (NGS) on a fee-for-service basis to the NIH community, with priority for NIDDK users.

Human Energy & Body Weight Regulation Core
Provides metabolic testing for the Metabolic Clinical Research Unit (MCRU) and throughout the NIH Clinical Center.

Mouse Metabolism Core
Supports NIDDK’s intramural investigators by characterizing and analyzing phenotypes of metabolic disease in genetically modified mice.

Support Services

Biostatistics Program
Provides advice to extramural and intramural NIDDK staff on the design and feasibility of proposed research studies and the conduct of ongoing studies.

Metabolic Clinical Research Unit
Supports clinical research protocols that focus on the regulation of human metabolism in healthy volunteers and patients with various metabolic conditions.

Laboratory of Animal Sciences Section
Provides support and guidance to the NIDDK’s intramural researchers for all phases of laboratory animal experimentation.

Mouse CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing Facility
Supports NIDDK intramural researchers in their efforts to generate genetically modified mice through CRISPR/Cas9 technology.

Regulatory Support Program
Provides regulatory support for all NIDDK-sponsored trials that require a U.S. or Canadian regulatory application for the use of an investigational drug or device in a clinical trial.

NIDDK Central Repository
Makes data and biospecimens from current and previously-funded NIDDK studies available to the broader scientific community.

Last Reviewed June 2023