Mouse Metabolism Core

Oksana Gavrilova, Ph.D., Director

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The Mouse Metabolism Core (MMC) provides the NIDDK intramural community with a wide range of services and training for studying mouse models of obesity, diabetes, and related metabolic disorders. Services include but not limited to:

  • Analysis of body composition in live mice using EchoMRI100 analyzer (Echo Medical Systems).
  • Continuous monitoring of core body temperature and activity in mice using E-mitter Telemetry System (Starr Life Sciences Corp).
  • Continuous monitoring of energy expenditure, food intake, respiratory exchange ratio, activity, and body temperature using Comprehensive Laboratory Animal Monitoring System (CLAMS, Columbus Instruments).
  • Long-term assessment of energy balance in mice housed in their home cages. Estimated energy expenditure is calculated from the metabolizable caloric intake, corrected for the change in caloric content of the mouse.
  • Analysis of glucose metabolism: insulin tolerance test, glucose tolerance test, glucose or arginine stimulated insulin secretion tests, glucagon, pyruvate, glutamate challenge tests, [14C]-2-deoxy-glucose uptake into mouse tissues, isolation of mouse islets.
  • Analysis of lipid metabolism: in vivo triglyceride clearance test, triglyceride secretion test, fatty acid uptake of into mouse tissues using [3H]-bromo-palmitate, tissue triglyceride and cholesterol content.
  • Surgical procedures: implantation of osmotic pumps, implantation of temperature transmitters, cannulation of bile duct, implantation of indwelling cannulas into lateral ventricles of mouse brain.
  • Stereotactic injections of AAV vectors and chemical compounds into various regions of the brains and spinal cord.
  • Calorimetric and immunoassays for measuring concentrations of major metabolites and hormones in mouse plasma.
  • Housing mice at ambient temperatures outside normal range for acute cold tolerance test, gradual adaptation of mice to cold or thermoneutral temperatures.
Last Reviewed June 2023