Structural Cell Biology Section

of the Laboratory of Cell & Molecular Biology

Our goal is to determine the mechanistic properties of dynamin superfamily proteins (DSPs) through cryo-EM analysis and correlate them with their diverse cellular functions.

Select Publications

OPA1 helical structures give perspective to mitochondrial dysfunction.
Nyenhuis SB, Wu X, Strub MP, Yim YI, Stanton AE, Baena V, Syed ZA, Canagarajah B, Hammer JA, Hinshaw JE.
Nature (2023 Aug) 620:1109-1116. Abstract/Full Text
Cryo-EM structures reveal multiple stages of bacterial outer membrane protein folding.
Doyle MT, Jimah JR, Dowdy T, Ohlemacher SI, Larion M, Hinshaw JE, Bernstein HD.
Cell (2022 Mar 31) 185:1143-1156.e13. Abstract/Full Text
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Lab Members

From left to right: Jonathan Harrison, Bertram Canagarajah (MICEF), Nidhi Kundu, Sarah Nyenhuis, Jenny Hinshaw, Vandana Mishra, Prasanthi Kunamaneni, Lindsey Njanja

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