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Helping to Accelerate Research Potential (HARP)

Program Description

The overarching goal of the Helping to Accelerate Research Potential (HARP) UE5 program is to complement and/or enhance the training of a workforce to meet the nation’s biomedical, behavioral and clinical research needs. The main objective of the HARP UE5 program is to provide opportunities and mentorship for NIDDK-funded scholars, especially postdoctoral scholars and junior faculty from diverse backgrounds, to enhance their skills in areas that are critical for establishing and maintaining successful independent academic research careers. HARP program sites are expected to provide professional development and enhance the professional networks of the HARP scholars conducting research in areas specific to the mission of the NIDDK.

Most recent NIDDK funding announcement: RFA-DK-22-002.

Active Sites


Principal Investigators: Fatima Cody Stanford, M.D. and Takara Stanley, M.D.

Institution: Massachusetts General Hospital

Funded: 2023


Principal Investigator: Elena Flowers, Ph.D.

Institution: University of California, San Francisco
Funded: 2023


Principal Investigators: Ranjith Ramasamy, M.D. and Alessia Fornoni, M.D., Ph.D.

Institution: University of Miami School of Medicine
Funded: 2023


Principal Investigator: Don Rockey, M.D.

Institution: Medical University of South Carolina 
Funded: 2023


Principal Investigators: Jose Fernandez, Ph.D. and James Hill, Ph.D.

Institution: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Funded: 2023

NIDDK Program Staff 
Last Reviewed November 2023