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NIDDK Partnerships with Professional Societies


The goal of this program is to promote the research careers of early career individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those from nationally underrepresented groups, who are prepared to pursue careers in biomedical, behavioral, clinical, or social sciences research. Professional societies are well-equipped to assist in this effort by providing an environment for education, research, information dissemination, networking, and mentoring opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds who are interested in research careers pertinent to the society’s and NIDDK’s missions.

Most recent NIDDK funding announcement: RFA-DK-22-004.

Program Description

Professional societies should develop educational programs and activities that focus on courses for skills development and mentoring. The total project period for an application may not exceed 5 years. Although the size of award may vary with the scope of the research education program application, the total direct costs are limited to $135,000 annually.

Active Sites

Academic Pediatric Association: Research in Academic Pediatrics Initiative on Diversity (RAPID)

The aim of RAPID is to design, implement, and evaluate a research educational program with the goal of successful recruitment, retention, and professional advancement of diverse junior faculty in general academic pediatrics who are pursuing careers in biomedical, behavioral, clinical, and social sciences consistent with NIDDK mission areas. 

Principal Investigator: Glenn Flores, M.D.

Funded: 2012-Present

American Gastroenterological Association: Fostering Opportunities Resulting in Workforce and Research Diversity (FORWARD)

The FORWARD program aims  to leverage the successes of the original program with an enhanced focus on 1) manuscript writing and grant-writing training for both program alumni and current cohorts with tracks specific to NIH K or R01 grant writing, 2) leadership development and support focused on training and transitioning alumni and current cohort participants to assume leadership positions within AGA's professional society committee structures and academic medicine and 3) intensive mentoring from an expanded team of mentors, including senior mentors, home institution mentors and near-peer mentors, and using mobile app-based mentoring technology.

Principal Investigators: Byron Cryer, M.D. and Sandra Quezada, M.D.

Funded: 2018-Present

American Psychological Association: Leadership and Education Advancement Program (LEAP) for Diverse Scholars

The LEAP program is an evidence-informed mentoring and leadership development program for early career social and behavioral scientists from underrepresented  populations who show promise in research related to the NIDDK mission but who have not yet received R01 funding and have not ascended to a leadership position in their respective disciplines or professional associations. Each mentee will take part in a two-year mentorship program and will be matched with volunteer mentors who are leading researcher in diabetes and other endocrine and metabolic diseases, have expertise in the trainee’s area of interest, and who have a track record of receiving federal funding.

Principal Investigators: Janice Haskins, Ph.D. and Ashley Butler, Ph.D.

Funded: 2018-Present

American Society for Bone and Mineral Research: THRIVE Program

The THRIVE program will deliver state-of-the-art research techniques and high-quality professional development to early-career scientists/clinicians who identify as underrepresented and who have research interests in fields related to the missions of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research and the NIDDK.

Principal Investigators: Rhonda Prisby, Ph.D., Mary Bouxsein, Ph.D., and Christopher Hernandez, Ph.D.

Funded: 2023-Present

American Society of Nephrology: Dialysis Access Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (DA-JEDI) Program

The aims of the DA-JEDI program are to recruit a cohort of participants who identify as underrepresented into DA-JEDI; to provide individualized didactic and experiential skills training through ASN initiatives; to foster unique multi-faceted mentorship opportunities; and to focus on the creation of an alumni network, promote networking opportunities and develop an interactive evaluation process with a strong feedback loop.

Principal Investigators: Tod Ibrahim, M.A. and Prabir Roy-Chaudhury, M.D.

Funded: 2023-Present

Endocrine Society: Future Leaders Advancing Research in Endocrinology (FLARE)

The objective of the FLARE program is to actively foster the professional development of these early-stage investigators to enhance their preparedness for career advancement within research-based institutions, the scientific community at large and to develop them as future leaders of the Endocrine Society itself. Program components include a leadership training workshop, a virtual community, a mentoring program to build relationships between FLARE fellows and dedicated mentors, a Society-based internship, and a fellow/alumni symposium.

Principal Investigators: Dale Abel, M.D. and Joshua Joseph, M.D.

Funded: 2012-Present

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Last Reviewed November 2023