Bringing Resources to Increase Diversity, Growth, Equity, & Scholarship for Obesity, Nutrition, & Diabetes Research (BRIDGES) Consortium

The purpose of BRIDGES is to enhance the diversity of the research workforce who are available to successfully compete for independent research funding from NIH in the areas of nutrition, obesity, diabetes, and related conditions. This program will establish a consortium providing professional development, mentoring, networking, pilot and feasibility funds, and other opportunities designed to advance the career development of post-doctoral scholars and early career faculty from diverse backgrounds, including those from groups nationally underrepresented in biomedical and behavioral research, who intend to pursue a research career focused on nutrition, obesity, diabetes, and/or related conditions. The program will be administered through research institutions with substantial existing NIH funding within the research mission of NIDDK.

NIDDK funding announcement: RFA-DK-20-034

Consortium Members

Creating Opportunities for Underrepresented Researchers to Achieve Growth and Excellence (COURAGE)

This comprehensive career development program, COURAGE, will serve two cohorts of ten researchers each in obesity, nutrition, and diabetes who are from underrepresented backgrounds in research, providing skill building and leadership training, hands-on guidance in manuscript and grant writing, and multi-level mentoring to support career advancement and continued success in academic research.

Supporting, Promoting, and Launching the Expansion of Nutrition, Diabetes, and Obesity Researchers in North Carolina (SPLENDOR-NC)

SPLENDOR-NC builds on the extensive infrastructure already in place within the participating institutions to offer a robust Pilot and Feasibility Program and carefully curated programs for professional development to support the success of diverse scientists in the conduct of research in nutrition, obesity, diabetes, and related conditions. Building substantial existing NIDDK funding, SPLENDOR-NC will markedly enhance the diversity of the research workforce, preparing scholars to make significant scientific contributions via independent NIH research funding in the critical areas of nutrition, obesity, diabetes, and related conditions for years to come.

Louisiana Center for Advancing Underrepresented Scientists Careers in Health, Nutrition, Obesity, and Disparities Research (LAUNCHED)

LAUNCHED is a comprehensive program designed to provide mentorship, training, and career development opportunities for underrepresented minority scientists in nutrition, obesity, diabetes, and related research. LAUNCHED, housed at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a resource for the Gulf South, and will recruit scholars from Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama.

UCLA Leveraging Institutional Support for Talented, Underrepresented Physicians and/or Scientists (LIFT-UP)

The UCLA LIFT-UP Program will develop a mentoring program that contributes to diversity among early career scientists pursuing research careers in nutrition, obesity, and diabetes. LIFT-UP will provide a teaching and mentorship curriculum that builds confidence and motivation among research fellows and junior faculty from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, to help them successfully obtain research funding and progress to research independence.