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Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology, & Metabolic Diseases

Select staff are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Read a description of the Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology, & Metabolic Diseases.

Name Email Address Phone Number Title Research Description
Cefalu, William 301-435-1011 Director Diabetes, endocrinology, and metabolic diseases
Abraham, Kristin 301-451-8048 Program Director Development of resources and infrastructure to support provision and exploration of human tissues for studies of diabetes, and improvements in innovative mouse models to advance diabetes research.
Akolkar, Beena 240-593-1733 Program Director Clinical research in the prevention and immunopathogenesis of Type 1 Diabetes and the genetics and genomics of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
Arreaza-Rubin, Guillermo 301-594-4724 Program Director Diabetes and endocrine disease bioengineering and glucose sensing
Arrowchis, Leeanna 301-594-3612 Program Analyst Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases and Common Fund Metabolomics Program
Artis Dickerson, Shavon 301-435-3055 Program Director Health Equity and Implementation Science
Blondel, Olivier 301-263-4342 Program Director Pathophysiology of the endocrine pancreas in diabetes; technology development (i.e. genomics and systems biology) in metabolic disease
Broadney, Miranda 301-594-6841 Program Director Pediatrics, Pediatric Endocrinology, Clinical Management of Diabetes Mellitus, Insulin Resistance, Pediatric Obesity
Burch, Henry 301-827-0827 Program Director Clinical studies utilizing existing digital health technology for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes, clinical and basic science studies involving non-neoplastic disorders of the thyroid, clinical studies involving medical and novel dietary treatment of type 2 diabetes.
Castle, Arthur 301-594-7719 Program Director Functional metabolomics and technology development to measure metabolic disease; muscle biology and exercise in diabetes and obesity; fellowships and institutional training grants
Center, Maureen 301-402-3269 Program Director, Diabetes Behavioral Science Health Psychology, Behavioral Science, Clinical Management of Diabetes
Cooke, Bradley 301-480-9896 Program Director Developmental Neuroendocrinology, Electrophysiology, and Cognitive Neuroscience
Cowie, Catherine 301-594-8804 Program Director Epidemiology of diabetes, including development, control, interventions and complications
De Abrew Rajapakse, Chandima 301-451-9003 Program Director Health Equity Research, Minority Health, Type 2 Diabetes in Adults, Translation research and Implementation Science
Eggerman, Thomas 301-594-8813 Program Director Cystic fibrosis research and translation centers, Cystic Fibrosis basic research and clinical trials, rare metabolic diseases basic and clinical trials, clinical islet transplantation registry; advanced artificial pancreas clinical trials, post COVID-19 new onset diabetes
Gorospe, Jose Rafael 301-594-2556 Program Director Pediatrics, Genetics
Green, Neal 301-594-8815 Project Manager (Contractor) Clinical trials specialist, Islet transplantation, DSMB/OSMB/EEC Administration
Gupta, Dhananjay 301-827-3739 Program Director Basic research on pathogenesis of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes; Role of gene-environment interaction in regulation of metabolism; Transcriptional regulation of gene expression; Cellular signaling pathways regulating intermediary metabolism and cellular identity
Haft, Carol Renfrew 301-594-7689 Program Director Adipocyte development and biology in various fat depots; protein trafficking, secretion, processing and ER stress in metabolic disease
Hwa, Albert 301-451-1525 Program Director Basic mechanisms underlying the organogenesis and regeneration of pancreatic islets during health and disease; generation of islet cells from stem cells for disease modeling and regenerative medicine; microphysiological systems for diabetes modeling
Jones, Teresa 301-123-4567 Program Director Diabetic Foot Consortium and other special projects in diabetes complications
Lancaster, Destiny 301-827-0767 Travel Coordinator/Administrative Support (Contractor) Travel and administrative support to Program Directors managing Common Fund Programs
Laughlin, Maren 301-594-8802 Senior Advisor for Integrative Physiology Energy balance, thermogenesis and mitochondria biology, whole body intermediary carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism, and functional and metabolic imaging in adipose, pancreas and other metabolic organs.
Lawrence, Jean 301-594-8804 Program Director Type 2 diabetes risk and prevention after gestational diabetes; Studies of adults with diabetes/pre-diabetes using secondary data and observational designs, and natural experiments
Leschek, Ellen 301-402-8291 Program Director Type 1 and type 2 diabetes clinical research
Li, Yan 301-435-3721 Program Director Key regulators of intermediary metabolism; drug discovery; translational research; diabetic wound healing.
Liang, Hanyu 301-443-8737 Program Director Hepatic Metabolism; Insulin Resistance; Type 2 Diabetes; Obesity; Bariatric Surgery
Linder, Barbara 301-594-0021 Program Director Type 2 diabetes in children and youth; human studies of metabolic imprinting
Malozowski, Saul 301-451-4683 Program Director Neuroendocrinology of hypothalamic-pituitary axis, neuropeptide signaling and receptors; hormonal regulation of bone and mineral metabolism; HIV/AIDS-associated metabolic and endocrine dysfunction
Martey, Louis 301-594-7733 Program Analyst Coordination and preparation of pre and post council materials, analysis and evaluation of project funding for all grant mechanisms by DEM, supervision of administrative support staff
Mehta, Mansi 301-480-1616 Scientific Program Analyst
Mensah, Michael 301-594-3308 Program Analyst (Contractor) 4DNucleome (4DN)
Otradovec, Heidi 301-451-7609 Program Analyst Coordination and preparation of pre, sub, and post Council materials; analysis and evaluation of project funding for DEM grant mechanisms; track dollar commitments and grant initiatives for the T1D funds; division web liaison
Sechi, Salvatore 301-594-8814 Program Director Proteomics, Systems Biology, and Structural Biology as applied to diabetes, metabolic, and endocrine diseases
Silva, Corinne 301-451-7335 Program Director The role of circadian rhythms and sleep in metabolic diseases; mechanisms by which the intrauterine environment alters metabolic responses in the offspring; Diabetes Research Centers.
Spain, Lisa 301-451-9871 Program Director Disease-modifying clinical trials in type 1 diabetes, etiology and pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes
Thornton, Pamela 301-480-6476 Program Director, Centers for Diabetes Translation Research Health Equity and Translational Research; Centers for Diabetes Translation Research (P30) Program
Wang, Xujing 301-451-2862 Program Director Data science; computation modeling; integrative genomics; network biology; genotype-phenotype relationship
Woo, Theresa 301-480-1871 Program Director Human behavior, developmental cognitive neuroscience, and brain-based mechanisms involved in obesity and diabetes
Xia, Ashley 301-480-9505 Program Director Common Fund Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity, Omics Analysis, Computational Biology and Data Science
Zaghloul, Norann 301-435-6677 Program Director Genetics and genomics of Type 2 diabetes and functional genomic studies in Type 2 diabetes and metabolic diseases